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Upcoming Auctions & Sales

The Estate Sale of John Barnes continues

(Not An Auction, a Buy-It-Now Sale)  This Estate is here and will be shipped from our gallery!  Posting of new items will continue everyday until all the 400 items are posted.  02/22/16

The Collection Sale of Anthony Ardillo continues

(Not an auction, a Buy-it-Now Sale)   We have all of Anthony's collection here in the auction gallery.  Posting of new items will continue everyday, as there are several hundred items.  2/26/16

Auction Part II of the Anthony Ardillo Collection will open for review and bids on March 1st @9am EST.  closing on March 6th

A great variety of items, you won't want to miss this one! 

 "You won't believe what's on this auction"

 Call anytime for information 513 720-8112

or Email:  ron@ronallesimagic.com